Thrive Multi Visual

Better visibility for the chicken supply chain.

  • practical, actionable tools
  • using cameras, sensors and AI
  • providing real time monitoring and insights
  • for growers, processors and retailers
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We customise solutions
on a farm by farm basis


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Chick cam

Live 24/7 visual surveillance of the chicken shed streamed directly to a mobile app.

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Monitor your shed environment for causes of variable health and performance.

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Machine vision based weighing of chickens, deployed using an autonomous rover.


Earth Rover develops autonomous farming vehicles and farming robotics in partnership with Harper Adams University and RAL Space.

BlakBear is an Imperial College London Enterprise Lab spin out using advanced chemistry and electronics to provide novel chemical sensors.

Seeable are an interactive 3D visualisation agency specialising in scanning and creating programmable visualisations of real world building environments.

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